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The Hunt 1000


The 2018 Hunt 1000 grand depart will be Sat 24th Nov @ 6am 


A 1,000 km journey through the rooftop of Australia along backcountry trails, across exposed high plains, through snow gum woodlands and among tall native forests. The trail links Canberra to Melbourne with limited resupply points and some of Australia's best high country campsites.

Developed in 2016 by Dan Hunt, the Hunt 1000 is a bikepacking route that links two of Australia’s major cities, Canberra and Melbourne, and traverses some of Australia’s most beautiful high country. The route links some amazing campsites and historic alpine huts, provides a limited number of resupply points, and mixes in some challenging hike-a-bike sections, as well as river and creek crossings.

Encompassing the Kosciuszko, Alpine and Namadgi National Parks, the Hunt 1000 route takes you into the heart of these remote and uniquely Australian alpine wilderness areas. The Australian Alps have a geological history dating back 160 million years and are unlike regions commonly associated with the term alpine, such as the Andes or the Himalayas. Rather, the Australian alpine region is essentially an uplifted plain made up of grand plateaus surrounded by eroded steep valleys. The nature of the landscape means you will spend hundreds of km’s on top of the world. But, what goes up must come down and you’ll work hard for those high trail views.

Weaving together a network of fire trails, alpine paths, gravel tracks and country roads, sometimes you’ll wish you had a randonneur with slick 32’s, other times you’ll wish you had a fat bike, and sometimes it just doesn’t matter because its too steep to pedal. The trail conditions and the elevation profile are about as varied as the alpine weather can be. This all combines to make the route a beautiful challenge.

On the back roads and trails your unlikely to have any company other than your thoughts and the occasional wild Brumby or Wallaby. However, when you pass the small towns, the friendly locals love to have a chat. If you make it to Dargo in time for an afternoon beer then stop in for a pot at the Dargo Hotel. 

Note: the route cannot be completed during the Australian winter and should only be attempted during the warmer months between October and March.


Riding the trail in 2018. Details and route to be this space. Details from last year below. 


Riding the HUNT 1000 (in 2017)

On Sunday the 26th of November at 6am, I (Dan Hunt) will be departing Lonsdale street in Braddon to ride the route to Melbourne. You're more than welcome to join me for the ride and I hope you do however, please be aware that you do so at your own risk and you will not be taking park in a sanctioned event. You will simply be a fellow bikepacker riding the same route at the same time. 

The Hunt 1000 (2017) .gpx file can be downloaded from Ride With GPS HERE. Go to the EXPORT tab 

I will be carrying a SPOT tracking device and have registered the route with Maprogress which will track my SPOT Tracker during the ride. If you would also like to ride with a SPOT Tracker (VERY STRONGLY SUGGESTED) then you can register for tracking and also hire a tracker through Maprogress HERE

Its also possible to purchase a SPOT tracker or hire from an alternative provider and then register for tracking with Maprogress. 

If you hire a tracker when registering on MAProgress then your tracker will be available at Lonsdale street in Braddon before 6am on Sunday the 26th Nov. If you Need your tracker earlier than this then you must email to coordinate an early pick up 

If you do intent to ride the route then please share a photo and basic details of yourself using the rider profile creator on MAProgress when you register for tracking. I had intended to create a rider profile page here but will no longer do so, sorry. You can view last years riders HERE

Also ensure that you sign up to the Hunt bikes mailing list HERE

I will be riding the route over 7 days which I believe, with a reasonable level of fitness, is a tough but achievable expectation. If you would like to ride the route faster than 7 days then go for it but please ride safe. If you have the luxury of time then its a nice part of the world to spend an extra night or more and I would highly recommend doing so. 

The route finishes at Edinburgh Gardens in Melbourne where I'll aim to arrive Saturday afternoon and enjoy a celebratory beer, in the sun hopefully, with anyone else who's ridden the trail.

UPDATE: Post ride, and post Edinburgh Gardens, beer and food venue will now be The Dunning Kruger from 7:30pm. 

436 Lygon Street Brunswick East 3057

If you plan to ride the route over more than 7 days then it would be great if you set off prior to the 26th Nov and aligned your finish date so we can share a beer at Edinburgh Gardens on Sat 2nd Dec

If you wish to discuss with others who are planning to ride the route then there is an independent Facebook group where you can do so. Do a Facebook search for "Hunt 1000 discussion group" 

Before riding the trail I suggest that you have a good read of the route description on noting that the route I will be riding in 2017 is different. I refer you to this page for general planning advice only. Riders riding the 2017 route must do their own research and planning
The Hunt 100 Australian Alps Trail is a journey through the rooftop of Australia along backcountry trails, high plains, snow gum woodlands and tall forests.
Rider Tracking: 



Terms of use and disclaimer

The information provided on this web site is provided as a planning resource only and is to be utilised in conjunction with your own due diligence. 

The Hunt 1000 is a GPS route only and is available to ride at any time (although not all sections are passable all year). The Hunt 1000 is not a race or a supported event. Hunt Bikes and its owner are in no way liable for personal injury, damage to personal property, or any other such situation that might happen to individual riders cycling or following this route. Hunt Bikes offers no support, insurance or assistance other than the guiding information on this website which is to be used at your own discretion.

The Hunt 1000 is to be ridden as a personal challenge and only attempted with a good degree of physical fitness and prior planning. Prior to setting out check current local weather and fire conditions, and land/road closures. Should you choose to cycle this route then you do so at your own risk. 

Riders are encouraged to utilise GPS tracking services available by registering a GPS tracking device (SPOT tracker or similar) with Maprogress. Tracking is simply showing rider locations on a map. It is nothing more than a web-based framework to present rider progress based on correct use of a tracking device. Unless a rider organises it, no one will be tracking rider locations - riders alone are responsible for their own safety on course and for the logistics of their own ride. Your best safety measure is to ride the route with others.