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Frequently Asked Questions

What size frame should go with? Check the recommended frame size chart HERE If your still not sure or you sit right between two sizes then feel free to email us to discuss

What is the warranty on the F&F set? Check the warranty page HERE 

Can I run drop bars? Of course! You might want to use a shorter stem and raise it a little though, so dont cut your steerer tube right down for on your flat bar set up (assuming you would like the option to run both).  

Is the finish a true chrome plate or polished/brushed raw metal with a clear coat? Its a real chrome plate finish that is brushed and then clear coated.

Can I run my suspension forks in the frame? The rigid forks that come with the frame set are 100mm suspension corrected, so a 100mm travel fork will handle essentially the same. However, you could go up to a 160mm travel and this will relax the head angle which suits the type of riding your likely to be doing with 160mm travel. 

Can I buy a set of forks separately? Sorry frame and forks come as a set only. Why not buy the set, give the frame a go (