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Seat Post Pocket
Seat Post Pocket
Seat Post Pocket
Seat Post Pocket

Seat Post Pocket


Typically used to keep your repair kit, multi tool, spare tube, lube and/or other little bits and pieces. This pack gives you that extra little space your looking for. It helps you keep those little bits and pieces together and easy to access. It also helps keep your other bags free and is a great addition to the kit if your trying to travel light without a frame bag or your doing multi day trips and need all the space you can get. 

Note: all bike bags are made to order with around a 6 week lead time. Please factor this in when ordering. 

  • Side panels and edge panels - xpac VX42 
  • Front and bottom panels finished with cell foam to protect frame
  • Side panels inserts - Removable HDPE plates for stiffness  
  • Zippers - water resistant 
Length 12cm
Weight 100grams